Meet Overview

What to expect. What we expect

Age-group track meets can take some time due to the number of events being offered and the large number of participates. Parents should expect to spend up to 4-7 hours, in the stands. Due to this reason we strongly recommend you come prepared.

We also ask that you stay through to the end of the Meet.  Please do not “drop off” your athlete and leave them unattended at Track Meets. If you cannot stay for the meet you must make arrangements for supervision of your child.  The Coaches are very busy and at times distracted with the flow of the Meet and cannot watch your child or be responsible for children  that do not have parental supervision at Track Meets.

Bring lunches and snacks, a cooler with ice and plenty of water. Remember that meets are held under most weather conditions and some meets do not have covered seating so it also a good idea to have on hand some of following items depending on the weather
conditions:  Extra warm and dry clothing, umbrellas, seat pads, blankets, collapsible chairs, sunglasses, sunscreen, stop watches, binoculars, still and video cameras, and any other items you deem necessary.  Check out the Uniform Purchase Form under Registration for great deals on warm up jackets and pants, sweatshirts, and t-shirts available in youth and adult sizes.  There is normally a concession stand to purchase food and snacks at all meet sites.

At the meets the Club likes to sit together. As the announcer calls out the event the athlete must report as instructed so you must listen closely. Stickers are given out to the athletes by the coaches with event, age and gender.  Athletes are eligible in the developmental meets simply by showing up. The developmental meets in the beginning of the season are to provide each athlete with the opportunity to try a large variety of events and meet qualifying standards for larger meets. In the Association, Regional, and National meets there are qualifying standards and pre registration through Club West Youth Track.

Sportsmanship Guidelines for Parents & Spectators

Parents are a tremendous asset to our youth athletes in track and field and Club West Youth Track is extremely grateful for your cooperation, support, and loyalty. We expect athletes to hold themselves to high standards of sportsmanship as outlined in the USATF 2007 Competition Rule Book and hope that all parents, coaches and spectators will themselves serve as role models for our youth athletes by exhibiting high standards of sportsmanship as well. We must never lose sight of the fact that the participants
in youth athletics are only “youngsters.”

Officials and event management personnel are there to help make this a positive and rewarding experience for everyone, especially the athletes. Please treat them accordingly.  The following guidelines should be adhered to at all times:

  • Knowing and understanding the rules of track and field.
  • Listen for Event calls and be ready to assist and direct your child to his /her event on time
  • Showing respect for the officials and their decisions.
  • Showing respect for opponents at all times.
  • Recognizing and appreciating the varying skill levels of all athletes participating.
  • Maintaining self-control at all times.
  • Showing a positive manner when cheering..

If you are an athlete participating at a meet you should also…

  • Listen for Event calls and be ready to report to Staging or your field event on time
  • Always look in both directions when crossing the track. Never cross the track when any race is in progress.
  • Avoid any area between finish line and start line, as officials and timers need clear view of the starter located near the start of each race.
  • Never walk through the javelin, discus or shot put area when competition is in progress.This is dangerous.
  • Be quiet when you are at starting line; make sure you stay in your lane, as instructed by the head starter, during your race.
  • If you are scheduled to compete in a field event and track event at the same time, you must first check-in with the head official of your field in order for you to be able to compete in that field event when you have completed your track event.
  • When leaving a field event to take part in a track event, you must first inform (check-out with) the head official in charge of your field event or they have the right to
    disqualify you from your field event.
  • If you are scheduled to compete in a relay and leave, even temporarily, you must advise the coach.
  • Always stay at least 10 feet back from the edge of the track so you and our club can never be accused of affecting the outcome of a race.